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Print your custom logos, images or designs for use on cookies, cupcakes or cakes.
edible printing service of custom images and logos for bakeries and food service professional.
FAQ Can I pick it up? No. There is no pick up. Can you print my image 100% center in the circle? No, because each sheet is lay out a little different so we can print close to the center but will not be 100%. It takes about 5 sheets or so to somewhat center the image. Can you please print my image close to the edge of the circle? No, Each sheet is a little different so we always like to print the image a bit smaller to make sure it stays inside the circle.  This will also help with your production with getting the image off and centering the image on your cookie or cupcake. Can you put more than one image file on the same circle sheet? No, 1 image file is for 1 sheet. Do I get to see a proof of the sample print? Yes, if your order is over 100 sheets or if this is a cookie order. No, if your order is under 100 sheets. Do you give extra sheets? No, please order extra just in case. Yes, if your order is a wholesale order. We normally will give 1 to 3 free sheets. What is the fastest way to order? Email is the fastest way because we can't see your image over the phone. In the end, we still need to make sure the image is ok for printing. How long do I have to clear invoice? Invoices need to be cleared asap for rush order and within 24 hours for normal order. Your order is not placed until you have paid.  The invoice/order will be cancel within 2 days if is not clear. Is the circle 2” and 3” exact?  No. its 2.13” and 3.25” but we say 2” or 3” circle to keep things simple. Do you print big full images file on 1/4 sheet ? Pattern for the side of cake, Camo pattarn, animal skin , full sheet photo ? No, we don’t print image that fill the whole 1/4 sheet . For example full color patterns or any image that have limited white spacing .. ect The main reason we don’t print this type of image file is becuase it clog out printers. feel free to send in your image but we might not be able to print it for you. Can I place an order over the phone ? No, you can only order over email and payment is only with paypal invoice. (you don’t need a paypal account to pay paypal invoice) We need to see the image file 1st before we can put a ticket in for your order. How long do the image stay good for ? The image’s color start to change once it is printed. It stay good for around 2 weeks after it is printed.  Public events : By uploading and summiting your image and logo to our e-mail you as a customer is responsible for obtaining all copyright and the authorization to use the image for the events.  We as a printing company does not sell any design nor license image as a product.  We are only responsible for the printing services Edible printing service for your custom logo and images . Wholesale custom logo cookies and cake toppers Copyright © 2017, Edible Printing LLC. All rights reserved. Providing edible printing for Bakeries, Chocolatiers, and Food Service Professionals edible prints and logos printing service for bakeries, chocolatiers, and food service professionals | design | topper | icing sheet | cake |
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