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Print your custom logos, images or designs for use on cookies, cupcakes or cakes.
edible printing service of custom images and logos for bakeries and food service professional.
 Image quality & color Black food coloring is made using many colors as a result any areas with grey shading can sometime have a blue, green or purple hue to them. This will be more apparent in black and white photos. Black or solid color text logos work best. Colors like blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink and purple print well but will not be exact matches. Large black areas or backgrounds will not print well we may reject your images if you send it. Please keep in mind this is to ensure your satisfaction. We cannot print metallic. Tips about color Edible ink will not print exactly the same as a regular printer. We understand that some clients may be particular about color when it comes to their logos. We recommend in these cases that you order 1 sheet so you can see a physical sample before placing a large order. Please proof all images you send us. We will not make any changes to your image unless you ask us to. Mockup will be sent for any graphics work we do for approval prior to printing. Public events : By uploading and summiting your image and logo to our e-mail you as a customer is responsible for obtaining all copyright and the authorization to use the image for the events.  We as a printing company does not sell any design nor license image as a product.  We are only responsible for the printing services Edible printing service for your custom logo and images . Wholesale custom logo cookies and cake toppers Copyright © 2017, Edible Printing LLC. All rights reserved. Providing edible printing for Bakeries, Chocolatiers, and Food Service Professionals edible prints and logos printing service for bakeries, chocolatiers, and food service professionals | design | topper | icing sheet | cake |
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